have you met miss jones - flower head face vase

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madame daisy
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proven to be a best seller and favourite with our flower pot friends, we thought it high time to offer all our customers.. here we have the sweet face vases from our friends at jones and co.. what better way to display our unique blooms but in one of these stunning vessels..

choose your vase and let us do the rest.. we have added all the faces we stock, so have fun choosing the perfect one!

we will arrange a florist bunch especially for your chosen face.. it may be similar to one of the pictures or totally different.. it's up to us.. the colour.. the flowers.. the design.. it will be your designers choice, when she looks at the days blooms.

the picture is a guide and indication of the beautiful fresh blooms you will receive from our flower pot team, due to the creative nature of our business, your blooms will look different than the picture, if you are unsure if you like the idea of this, we suggest you order something else from us which there isn't such variance, or put your trust in us to create something awesome for you. your order is your acceptance of these terms and conditions.