spathiphyllum peace lily plant

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spathiphyllum (peace lily) are extremely hardy plants ideal for indoor. spathiphyllum are perfect for those dark spots in the home or office.. your plant will arrive with its plastic pot beautifully giftwrapped..  ready to enjoy as they tolerate average indoor conditions better than many house plants.

these plants are good for you, too, they are one of the best plants for improving air quality indoors. they are renowned as one of the top plant removal rates of toxins such as formaldehyde, ammonia and carbon monoxide from tainted indoor air.

of all the flowering house plants, peace lily care is probably the easiest here are a few tips and tricks to keep your plant healthy, peace lily plant are smart their leaves will indicate any problems, floppy, water me, brown leaf tips, overwatering or direct sun we suggest water thoroughly, but don't allow the soil to get soggy or the plant to sit in water. if your plant is in direct sun, if the leaves become shriveled and dry, the humidity is too low increase by misting the plant or placing it on a tray of wet pebbles.

CAUTION: spathiphyllum like most plants are poisonous. keep away from children and pets who may play with or chew on it, and wash hands thoroughly after handling it.

please note: we are unable to send plants to hospitals, due to the soil content.