fresh and fabulous fruit wine and chocolate basket

fresh and fabulous fruit wine and chocolate basket
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feeling fruity but with an adult twist?? this fruit filled basket is sure to delight.. packed with seasonal fruit picked frsh from our local green grocer, a lovely bottle of australian wine, in red or white your choice, and a quality box or delicious 190g chocolatier chocolates. we make these upon order only to ensure you receive the freshest of fruit in the basket. suitable for hospital, home or workplace for your friend, mum, dad, collegue, or anyone who loves fruit!

you can always add on a posy in a jar or a plant (no plants to hospital though)

the picture is of course a guide to what you will receive, due to seasonal availability. your order is your acceptance of our ability to ensure you always receive the freshest of lovely fruit. alcohol can only be sent to above 18 year olds

** please ensure fruit is thoroughly washed before consuming thank you **