flower pot exclusive hand painted arlo & tanner pot with premium plant

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we have a flower pot florist exclusive range for you, an arlo & tanner hand painted pot, comes complete with a beautiful premium indoor plant. we have a stunning pink and white pot or a green and white pot available.

**plant may differ from actual plant sent due to availability, if you would like to know todays plant, please call the shop during our open hours

perfect for home, office, classroom, studio, cafe or restaurant.

our plant choice make an excellent houseplant in low light conditions - their large shiny leaves soak up every bit of sunlight that filters through.  they are easy-to-care-for handsome plants that will also clean the air for you. give their leaves a wipe over with tepid soft water every now and then to keep them looking good and working efficiently.

please note: we are unable to send plants to hospitals, due to the soil content.