rainforest indoor plant terrarium

rainforest indoor plant terrarium
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a selection of unique rainforest indoor plants in stunning glass terrarium created with love from the botaniculture team for us at flower pot florist, comes with care instructions. these are beautifully created by a qualified horticulturist, our terrariums are sure to be the perfect gift for everyone, novice and gardeners alike love a beautiful terrarium.

the glass vessel may differ from the picture in size and shape depending on the price of your terrarium. some vessels are round, egg, rectangle, oval, or square but they are all beautiful. we do have a few different sizes in these and the plants vary from terrarium to terrarium, select one to suit your budget and let the recipient enjoy.

order one of these beautiful terrariums today, suitable for home or office, can be ordered for delivery or pick it up in store. arrives in a gift box.

please note terrariums contain soil and cannot be sent to hospitals.